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Personal Is Universal – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 112

December 13, 2023


As artists, it’s so important that our work continually moves towards authenticity. The more personal our work becomes, the more universal and accessible it becomes for everyone else. Join me as I discuss five reasons why this occurs and how you can take your artwork to the next level through authenticity.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Considering what your work does for others  [2:51]
  • The impact of emotional resonance in art  [8:39]
  • Incorporating archetypes and storytelling into your work [14:27]
  • Humanizing the experience of art-making [21:59]
  • The power of your perspective [27:49]

Authenticity creates connection

The essence of authenticity in art is deeply intertwined with relatability. When we infuse our work with raw, unfiltered authenticity, it becomes a mirror for others to see themselves reflected within it. It’s an intriguing paradox—while we’re naturally self-centered beings that seek what resonates with us, authentic art becomes an avenue for connection. It’s not about creating for others but considering their experience. Stepping back from the minutiae and asking, “What’s in it for them?” is a powerful perspective. 

My own artistic journey follows a pattern: excitement, fear, struggle, and eventually, surrendering to intuition. It’s in that letting go and embracing the personal without aiming solely for approval that the magic happens. This sharing isn’t about suggesting a blueprint but emphasizing the potency of embracing personal narratives. It accelerates growth, elevates the caliber of our work, and ultimately fosters genuine connections—a reminder that authenticity in art isn’t just a choice; it’s the core of meaningful engagement.

Emotions take us deeper

Emotional resonance is the heartbeat of art. It’s a universal language that transcends boundaries. While authenticity holds immense importance, it’s the emotional depth woven into our creations that truly resonates with others. The beauty lies in how we convey our subject matter (whether realistic or abstract), infusing it with emotions from our lived experiences. Personal, meaningful work carries this emotional weight effortlessly, reaching across cultures, languages, and borders. It’s in this realm of feelings that art finds its power to connect profoundly, speaking a language understood by all. When our art becomes a vessel for genuine emotions, it ceases to be just a picture; it becomes a shared experience.

The universal dialogue of art

The potency of art lies within the unique perspective each creator brings to the canvas. Whether capturing still life, wildlife, abstract forms, or the interplay of colors and lines, your personal viewpoint infuses it with unparalleled uniqueness. This individuality not only draws a diverse audience but enriches the tapestry of human expression. Through your art, you offer insights into the human experience, delving into emotions and perspectives that resonate universally. 

Your personal touch makes your work a shared reflection of our collective journey as human beings. Art’s power extends far beyond the canvas—it moves, teaches, inspires, and unites. It’s a force that transcends barriers, connecting us on a level that surpasses cultural and individual differences. The ability to contribute authentically to this universal dialogue is why art is such a monumental force; one that has the potential to impact and unify the world.

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