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Coming Home – Haramara – Ep 114

December 27, 2023


It’s amazing what we can create when we do so from a place of pure authenticity. Art-making is a journey to discover yourself, and our work is the artifacts we collect along the way. But what if your art isn’t a canvas, but a place? Meet Sajeela de la Borbolla, founder and healing instructor at the Haramara Retreat located in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico. Her personal journey has led her to create, in conjunction with her team, a beautiful haven for guests to connect with nature and themselves. Join us as we get to know Sajeela, her journey with Haramara, and how finding her way has helped so many find theirs.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Getting to know Sajeela and the inspiration behind the Haramara Retreat [2:07]
  • Allowing beauty to lead you back to yourself [12:09]
  • How Sajeela’s vision came together logistically and energetically [19:43]
  • Exploring the feminine energy and subconscious impact of Sajeela’s property [29:38]
  • Preserving Haramara for generations to come [35:45]

Renewed purpose

Originally an Oxford-trained pianist, Sajeela’s journey began when she left everything to find herself in India. For 13 years she immersed herself in yoga, meditation, and natural medicine to answer life’s biggest questions and find her path in the world. Upon returning to the West, she couldn’t just find a day job like everyone else. She needed to bring this renewed sense of purpose from the East to the West. She then started a very successful retreat center in Tulum, Mexico that lasted five years until a hurricane demolished the property. Determined to keep going, Sajeela headed back to the Pacific side of Mexico to be close to her hometown of Mexico City. It was there, as she walked along the beach, that Sajeela discovered the jungle property that would become Haramara Retreat.

Seize your destiny

Located in Riviera Nayarit near the fishing village and surfing town of Sayulita, the 12 acres of jungle that would become the Haramar Retreat were absolutely perfect. Sajeela marched straight to the property owner’s door to secure her destiny. There was just one problem: the property wasn’t for sale. It was already promised to someone else. But Sajeela knew in her soul that no other property would do. This was it. So she went back to the owner time and time again until he agreed to sell her the 12 acres of land. She didn’t take no for an answer when her gut told her not to back down. This is what it means to find our way as we go! Sometimes we just have to trust ourselves even when the path feels blocked.

Get uncomfortable

Sajeela goes into great detail about the trials and triumphs of bringing Haramara to life in this episode. Give it a listen for the full story! But one thing she said is still resonating with me: Comfort separates us from ourselves. This is such a true statement in both life and art. If we continue to create work we’re comfortable with we will never reach our full potential. Embracing discomfort in the process of self-exploration is the key to growth. Trying something new is rarely a comfortable experience. If we understand that up front, we understand that a bit of thick skin is needed to take things to the next level. Don’t let the thing you’ve always done keep you from doing the things you were meant to do!

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