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Becoming Your Art with Nicholas Wilton – Ep 128

April 3, 2024


What does the journey of bringing your art to life look like? How does the process of creating inform who you are becoming? The truth is that you are a work of art. With every brushstroke, you’re becoming what you’re created to be. And that energy will show up in your art. In this episode, I’ll walk you through the three stages of creating powerful art.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Stage #1: Intellectually understanding your art [4:15]
  • Stage #2: Embodying your art [11:52]
  • Stage #3: Becoming your art [25:00]

Stage #1: Intellectually understanding your art

If someone can move toward authenticity, their art will become more powerful, potent, and magnetic.

Every day, we are faced with challenges and obstacles that drain us of our energy. As creatives, we need energy in abundance. The overflow state of being energized and inspired is creativity. How do we get inspired? We have to be involved in things that give us energy and light us up. Because even just thinking about or planning to do those things can energize us. The normal challenges of life are minimized when we’re energized.

When you think about these things, it changes your energy, which changes how you feel. That’s the state you want to be in. If you can control your thoughts and choose to think about what you want, you have power over the way you feel. You must intellectually understand that it’s a choice. This is the first step to massive change in your work and life.

Stage #2: Embodying your art

The second stage is moving from intellect to embodiment. You have to learn how you’re feeling, take it, and translate it into your art. When you choose color, you have a feeling or desire that you want to express. You can intuitively look at what you’re making and double-check it against yourself.

Many of us make our art and go down the rabbit hole of comparison. But progress is made when you check it against what feels right for you. That’s learned. You’ll improve over time. This whole process of becoming “you” is a worthwhile journey. It’s the journey that I love coaching people through.

Learning only happens by making something. That’s when things shift and move. The discernment in the choices you make is what your art is. People will connect to it better.

Stage #3: Becoming your art

You are your art. There is no longer a separation between your life and your art. It’s an obvious direct channel from one to the other. This is what makes incredibly powerful art. Doing what gives you energy translates into your art, which gives you more energy and overflows into people’s lives.

It becomes a feedback loop that spirals higher and higher. The work gets stronger and easier. It’s the way of being that influences your art. It all starts with deciding that you are going to choose what lights you up.

I used to draw an infinity symbol on my artwork all the time. Why? It’s a continuous line. There’s no beginning and end. It’s limitless. There is endless possibility. You think you have it all figured out but the truth is you don’t know what’s possible. You have to change your awareness of what’s possible and it will become possible.

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