May 12, 2024

Using old paint stinks!

It’s Mother’s Day in the US, so I want to first wish everyone celebrating a very Happy Mother’s Day!

And I’m back again this week to bring you another cautionary tale! I’m having new experiences with old acrylic paint. While working with old wet paint, I notice a strong odor. I figured it would disappear when the paint dried but it didn’t. The whole studio stinks! Turns out acrylic paint in a container can go bad, and even acquire mold! My painting was ruined.

Look here…

I’ve never had this problem before and experimented with bleach to see if I could remove the odor. I coated an entire smelly acrylic painting with bleach and let it sit. Now, the smell is gone! I’ve painted over it with new paint and all seems fine.

This solution saved me for now, but my advice is to take a sniff test before you work with old paint. And be sure to work with good-quality paint!

Have you had any negative effects working bleach over a painting? Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your Sunday!


PS: We’ve been getting such great feedback on last week’s all new episode of the Art2Life Podcast with guest Louise Fletcher. Did you miss it? Click here to watch and be sure to grab some materials to paint along with us! And stay tuned for more new episodes coming next month!

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