The Inspirational Artist Series

The Art2Life Academy is an online community of experienced artists committed to advancing their art, improving their process, and taking their careers to the next level. To help enable this, our team at Art2Life produces monthly inspirational artist interviews.

For over five years, we have been interviewing artists and creatives for this growing community. We select notable artists who have strong, developed work and a desire to share their stories. Some of the artists, gallerists, and other creatives we’ve interviewed include Russell Chatham, Robert Szot, Lisa Congdon, Anita Rogers, John Seed, Eric Zener, and Deborah Zlotsky, to name a few.

These interviews are extremely popular because they are informal conversations between artists who share a deep knowledge of art-making. This point of view is what makes the interviews unique and of exceptional value. This perspective also appeals to the serious art collector, museum and gallery directors interested in learning more about the artists they are considering collecting or exhibiting.

In exchange for your time and energy, you will receive a copy of the final produced video interview to use for your own personal and business promotion. These interviews appeal to aspiring artists and serious collectors, designers, and gallerists interested in discovering more about your art. These videos have become exceptional promotional tools for our artist interviewees.

Below is a sampling of a few interviews from our Inspirational Artist Series.


Eric Zener is a highly successful contemporary artist who lives and works in the Bay Area. While much of his work features women in swimming pools, his thoughts run much deeper, as he uses water as a vehicle to tell stories of vulnerability, submergence, joy, nostalgia, birth, chaos and more. Be certain to check out this very informative interview where Nicholas and Eric talk about path, process, metaphor and advice for being a successful artist.

Eric Zener is represented by Hespe Gallery and Gallery Henoch


Sunny Taylor’s work is a beautiful balance of many juxtapositions—light and dark, gritty and refined, color and non-color and more. Her work involves organic patterns and invites our eyes to move over all parts of her paintings. Enjoy this delightful interview with a committed artist who has learned to balance making great art, all while being a full time mom to four.

Sunny Taylor is represented by Julie Nester Gallery


Robert Szot lives and works in Brooklyn, and has exhibited throughout America and internationally. He arrived in NYC from Texas eighteen years ago and has since established himself as a pillar of the New York art scene. Known for his abstract oil on linen paintings that are at once frenetic and lyrical, Szot’s process is one of editing and problem solving. Kaleidoscopic in nature, a singular motion on the canvas leads to several others, multiplying on themselves until the painting reaches a greater conclusion. Listen in while Susan and Rob talk about his current exhibition at the Anita Rogers Gallery in Soho.

Robert Szot is represented by Anita Rogers Gallery, Galerie Kremers and Jack Fischer Gallery.


The landscape of art is shifting and ever-fluid, shaping itself in response to the era it exists within. This is exemplified particularly well in the book “Disrupted Realism”, by writer John Seed. In this collection of contemporary artists, “Disrupted Realism” describes a stirring new aesthetic, one that is a fitting reflection of our modern zeitgeist. Join us for this exciting conversation on creative, art movements, and the role the artist must play in our distracted world.

John Seed is a retired art professor, painter, author and art critic.


There’s a sense of mystery in the intimate, color-filled shapes that make up David Hornung’s paintings. While the subject matter is familiar and the shapes are simplified, color conveys emotional meaning that goes far beyond the ordinary world, creating a dreamlike parallel universe.

David is a painter, former quiltmaker and professor of art. Over the course of his career he has taught at a number of art schools and universities including Parsons, Pratt, Brooklyn College, and the Rhode Island School of Design. His book, Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers, has been translated into five languages and is distributed in the US by Chronicle Books.


Jeri Ledbetter is inspired and compelled both by nature’s oddities and man-made structures. She is enthralled with the contrast of, and interplay between, industry and nature. Ledbetter lets her paint and pencil decide the course of her piece; she does not want the involuntary and free hand to be controlled by a plan and scheme. Through her work she embraces the accidental, the surprises.

Jeri Ledbetter is represented by Craighead Green Gallery.