I have been interviewing artists for the past couple years. I have done about 20 so far and I absolutely love doing them. I only choose notable artists who have strong, developed work, and needless to say that I find inspiring.

I would be honored to feature you and your art in my next video production.

Thanks for your consideration to participate in the Art2life interviews. For the past few years, I have been interviewing notable artists who have strong, developed work, and needless to say that I find inspiring. I would be honored to feature you in my next video production

Some of the artists I have interviewed that you might recognize are Silicon Valley based artist, Mitchell Johnson, Russell Chatham, Marti Somers, Melissa Chandon, Joe Brubaker, Jeffrey Beauchamp, Lorna Crane as well as Gary Ruddell, Eric Zener and others.

In exchange for this giving me this opportunity, you will receive a copy of the interview video once it is all produced and edited. I give the artists I interview full rights to use the video interview in any way they please. I try hard to make these interviews not only great for my audience, those interested in improving their art, but for collectors of your art too. These video interviews make exceptional promotional tools for collectors of your art.

The reason these interviews have been so popular is because these interviews are conversations between artists. As an artist, I am interested exploring and gaining understanding from the artist’s perspective This point of view is what makes the interviews different and of exceptional value. This perspective also appeals to the serious art collector, museum and gallery directors who are interested in learning more about the artists they are considering collecting or exhibiting.

Below is just a sample of some of my favorite interviews I have conducted over the previous two years…


Eric Zener is a highly successful contemporary artist who lives and works in the Bay Area. While much of his work features women in swimming pools, his thoughts run much deeper, as he uses water as a vehicle to tell stories of vulnerability, submergence, joy, nostalgia, birth, chaos and more. Be certain to check out this very informative interview where Nicholas and Eric talk about path, process, metaphor and advice for being a successful artist.

Eric Zener is represented by Hespe Gallery and Gallery Henoch

“Being interviewed by Nick was unique because he comes from an artist’s perspective and is truly curios about the other artist in the room, the one being interviewed. His approach is truly humble and he has no agenda other than digging down to find out what makes the artist inspired.”

– Joe Brubaker, interviewed September 2016


With animated, Pop-inspired colors and pared-down compositions, Melissa Chandon’s paintings push everyday scenes toward the brink of imaginative, dynamic abstraction. In this inspiring interview, Melissa shares her learnings of finding your voice and process by going within and how she was guided and influenced by working with the renowned artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Melissa Chandon is represented by Caldwell-Snyder, Selby Fleetwood, Terzian Galleries and J. Willott Gallery

“The best thing about Nicholas was that he was knowledgeable and sensitive toward his subject. A good interviewer makes you answer thoughtfully and in this you may often surprise even yourself.”

– Russell Chatham, interviewed August 2016


Even when he began his career as an Illustrator, artist Gary Ruddell has always followed his heart in getting his work out into the world. He happily made illustrations until his personal conversations within compelled him to say things his own way. Enjoy this engaging conversation with an amazing artist.

Gary Ruddell is represented by Gallery Henoch and Dolby Chadwick Gallery

“Nicholas, as he interviewed let me take the time I needed  let me to respond to questions, elaborate when I wanted and  self-correct when I needed and he didn’t try and make the interview about him. He showed just interest in what I was saying and helped the conversation stay on task”

– Mark Bowles, interviewed June 2017


The work of Russell Chatham is difficult to describe in a single word. Inspired by his childhood in the Northern Bay Area and his time in Montana, his subtly beautiful landscapes are at once powerful yet soft, melancholic yet vastly serene. The overall effect is one of a haunting nostalgia, of being drawn into a space that is both familiar while utterly distant. Given this, it is not surprising that he was one of the most widely collected artists of the 1970s and 80s.

Russell Chatham is currently self-represented, and working on building his own gallery in Point Reyes, California.

“The challenge of answering his questions made me think critically about my work; why I chose the subjects I do, where do I see my work vis a vis the commercial art arena. I always enjoy engaging with Nick on these topics; he makes being interviewed a easy endeavor.”

– Raquel Baldocchi, interviewed February 2017


Mitchell Johnson’s paintings are driven by color and shape and seem to effortlessly walk the line between representational and abstract. Based in the Silicon Valley he also spends much of his time painting in Europe, where he finds inspiration for local color. He has been painting full time for over 30 years and his paintings can be found in over 700 collections.

Mitchell Johnson is currently self-represented.

“My interview with Nick was both fun and quite profound. His insights, penetrating questions and expert grasp of issues pertaining to the work of art together inspired me to think deeply about what I am doing as an artist and why. I came away enriched and re-focused.”

– Adam Wolpert, interviewed August 2016


One of the first things that strikes one about Joe Brubaker is his prolific output. This is made even more impressive when one considers that although he would characterize himself as a lifelong creative, he would also be the first to tell you his career as an artist didn’t really begin until his late thirties, after he decided to show his work at Marin Open Studios. Take a moment to check out this great interview.

Joe Brubaker is represented by Seager-Gray Gallery, Sue Greenwood Fine Arts Gallery, and Beth Urdang Gallery

“I’ve been interviewed before about my art and sometimes they have no clue about what I am doing – and Nick did. The water felt good, I got into the pool, and it was a very warm and inviting situation where I could just be myself.”

– Gary Ruddell, interview May 2017