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Jnane Tamsna Retreat

Considered the jewel of Morocco, Marrakech is home to thriving marketplaces, stunning 12th century architecture, and world-renowned gardens, to name just a few of this city’s wonders. It is a place that is at once removed from time and also rooted in the contemporary, a delicious mix of the old and new at your fingertips.


We invite you to join us to make art and experience Marrakech for this 8-day, 7-night workshop. The workshop will be held at Jnane Tamsna, a luxury boutique hotel comfortably nestled within Marrakech’s Palmeraie district. We will explore the creative process amid ambrosial gardens, shaded pathways and the warm Moroccan sun.

“The workshop surpassed my expectations. It was a joy to be part of the group.”

Katherine Duda, Jnane Tamsna Art2Life Workshop Attendee

Workshop Program

Throughout the week, we will work on a series of small paintings on wood panels, often working on several pieces simultaneously, which leaves little time to worry about success or failure.

We will also explore how themes of change and spontaneity enable us to create our own unique artwork, and illuminate life lessons inherent in the creative process. We seek to engage both sides of the brain, and invite in mistakes, intuition, and spontaneity.

We will explore the six Art2Life Creativity Principles: value, design, color, texture, risk, and soul. Generous time will be given for experimentation with new tools, mediums, and techniques, and as the class progresses we will create a fertile environment for art making with in depth demonstrations, music, and one on one instruction.

Accommodations & Dining

Jnane Tamsna prides itself in offering quality, organic, healthy meals, served in a style influenced by Moroccan and Mediterranean flavors. Jnane Tamsna is also known for the freshness of its cuisine, using fruits and vegetables harvested from their very own gardens; additional ingredients are sourced from the local markets.  While we try to accommodate as many dietary restrictions as possible, for this workshop we can only accommodate gluten free and vegetarian requests.

As for the property, be certain to avail yourself of its many lush gardens and pools, so be certain to bring a bathing suit! On that note, please bring clothes suited for warm weather. Temperatures in Marrakesh in October are expected to be around the mid 80’s (around 30 degrees Celsius). Please note that we will be painting outdoors near the pool!  At Jnane Tamsna all rooms are air-conditioned and there is wifi available throughout the property.

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Art2Life Workshop Art Kit

Additionally, all workshop participants will receive their very own Art2Life Workshop Art Kit!

The supplies in your Art Kit were hand selected by Nicholas, and contain everything you need to enjoy this retreat. Each Art Kit comes fully stocked with a set of 21 custom made fluid acrylic colors, gloss medium, twelve 12″ x 12″ panels, a set of 8 brushes in various sizes, a painting tray, tracing paper pad, sandpaper, steel wool, pencil, and a 2-pocket apron. And the best part about the Art Kit is that it’s yours to keep once the retreat concludes!

For more information on supplies, check out the “materials” section of our FAQ page (click here for more info).

Art Supplies
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"I loved that our needs were met and all felt so warmly welcomed. I was surrounded by colors that I love. The balance of younger and mature artists was marvelous. The hospitality added a fountain of care that exceeded expectations and which enhanced the feeling of being in a safe environment in which to open up for art making and sharing. No one felt like a stranger. I loved my room mates. I have never been to Africa and felt at ease the whole time though I have to admit that I struggled with some trepidation before hand and I am sure a lot of it was angst on the part of my loved ones for my safety. Every step of the way on this journey someone friendly stepped in to assist. I feel blessed to have had this experience in Morocco. Marrakesh and in touring Casablanca. The architect ure is so different as is the climate and the absorbing of all this has kept me flying high for a week now as I am still trying to find my feet as the wheels are now very much set in motion. We all learned from each other and this felt different from last year."

Christine H. Thompson,
Jnane Tamsna Art2Life Workshop Attendee

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for people from a wide variety of disciplines and skill levels, from beginner to professional.

The sole prerequisite to attending is an openness to playing, experimentation, and a willingness to explore your artistic practice against a backdrop of shimmering Pacific waters, delicious food, and like-minded creative individuals.

Please join us as we celebrate a process of inspiration, reclamation, and the journey of self-discovery through painting.

Course Fees


There are five rooming options at Jnane Tamsna: single, double, double garden, triple, and triple garden. We have a limited number of each of these types of rooms, and as such they are available on a first come, first served basis. Please also note that unless specified otherwise, all workshop accommodations are co-ed.

The cost breakdown for these 5 rooming options is as follows:

The above fees cover all room, food and art material expenses. The accommodations for this workshop are first come, first served. To reserve your space, a 1/3rd deposit (based on desired accommodation type) is required.

Please read about our payment and refund policies here. We also strongly recommend you check out our extensive FAQ for this workshop by clicking here.

Please note, due to the nature of the terrain of the Jnane Tamsna it is not recommended for young children or persons with limited or impaired mobility.

Questions? Drop us a line at