The essential ingredient in your Art

red fruit with red seeds

One thing is essential in your Art. It pretty much guarantees your progress. It can be lost but also, thankfully, quickly found, especially when we are reminded of it, which is the whole point of this Sunday’s vlog. You might have already guessed, but I am talking about passion. That energy or juice for some…

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How to Overcome Obstacles in Your Art Career

                          I just finished a large body of new work. I have a show coming up in 4 days. Invitations were produced. Some paintings have already sold. I really like what I have made. There have been many conversations with the gallery about…

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The Idea that Will Improve Your Art Practice

People ask me where the ideas come from that I write about and I tell them they come mostly from my Art Practice. These thoughts arrive while I am standing in front of my paintings. But they also just come from my life. This makes sense because, as most of you already know, your Art…

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