How Breakthroughs Occur – Marjorie Thompson – Ep 13  

What does it look like to have a creative breakthrough? How do we get to the next level in our art-making? The artist’s journey can be a long one. It can feel uneven and effortful, especially in the beginning. After coaching thousands of artists I’ve noticed that breakthroughs tend to happen when someone’s art starts…

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The Key to Breakthroughs

man with bonnet in front of colored rainbow lines

The art-making journey has many high points, like when the art comes so quickly or sells. But there’s one thing that tops all others, and that’s breakthroughs. These change everything. I am always curious about breakthroughs and how we can experience more of them. Here’s how I think about it… Making repeated decisions based on…

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The Artist’s Gift – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 12

One of the many gifts that artists possess is a unique sensitivity to the world around us. We feel…EVERYTHING. If the lighting is off, we know. If the volume is too loud, we know. If a live band’s tempo is slightly dragging you can almost guarantee that every musician in the audience is losing their…

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The Gift of Sensitivity

yellow daffodil with open palm hand gift

Have you ever felt more sensitive than others? I notice this, especially when I’m with my non-artist friends. I’m more easily annoyed if music is too loud or the lighting too bright. As artists, we have a heightened sensitivity and awareness about everything and it can feel like a curse… It’s just overwhelming to feel…

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My World – Dillon Froelich – Ep 11

It can take decades to create a unified but unique direction in our art. Many artists will stick to one medium for a long time to develop consistency in their work. But my guest for this episode took an entirely different path and his art beautifully reflects that. Rather than zeroing in on one thing,…

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The Benefits of Showing Your Work

abstract lay-over work of different colors

This past week, I opened my new work at Julie Nester Gallery in Park City, Utah. Due to Omicron, winter storms in Utah, and the delays at the airports, I considered not attending. However, in the end, I went to the opening. I am so glad I did! Seeing the work out of my messy…

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