Your Vision – Maria Brito – Ep 35

If you are like me and on any kind of creative journey, I think you understand that this path holds a lot of uncertainty. However, there is an amalgamation of habits, actions, and attitudes that, if utilized, can more quickly progress and embolden our direction. These are needed in the making of anything. It works…

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2 tips to make better art


Every part of our art practice relies on us. Getting ourselves to the studio, having the materials, staying motivated, getting our work out there— it can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to the business side of things. So, I want to share two practical tips to help you to get going with your art-making.…

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Finding Your Style – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 34

One of the most common questions I get about the art-making journey is centered around style. How do you find your unique style? The challenge with art-making is that it’s so personal, yet we can only look at other people to try and understand where we haven’t been. We see the individual creative flare of…

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Finding Your Style

lady in white hat with black trimming looking at painting with white background

Something came up on a backpacking trip I took with friends. The lesson I learned perfectly relates to art-making. Here is what happened. It is always hard to know exactly how our future art will turn out. But the past can provide clues on how to move it forward. We’re on this creative path to…

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Looking In – Kim Krans – Ep 33

It was about a year ago, during Covid lockdown, when I happened to pull a random card from a tarot deck. The drawing and the words on the card immediately stirred me. So much so that I sought out the artist.  Her name is Kim Krans. The drawing on the card I pulled was hers,…

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Coincidence or Planned?

fortune cookie with quote on pink background

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that seems almost planned? It’s as if these moments of synchronicity are meant to teach us something. I notice this happens when I’m more engaged with my art. Here is one that happened to me recently. Check this out. I love these synchronicities for the thought-provoking insights and reminders…

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