November 5, 2014


935_What Makes Us Feel Alive?


If you pay attention to what your friends share with you from the Internet you start to get an idea of what we all find valuable. Regardless of the subject matter, usually it is something that is extraordinarily different than what we normally see. If it is about Art it will be something that is brand new that leaves us in a state of wonder. I am thinking of these recent aerial laser displays that somehow project the form of a butterfly in space, or Ai-WeiWei portraits of visionary leaders, done entirely in Lego pieces. Sometimes it is just a piece of Art that is so good that it is different in terms of its quality, its allure, so it stands out. Regardless, this state of wonder, this feeling of amazement makes us all feel a little bit more alive. That is the core feeling everyone is after. If you can provide this with your Art, first for yourself and then others, there will be a line at your door.

How can I consistently provide this feeling in my Art?

There are currently 7.125 Billion people living on Earth. Fortunately there is nobody out of all those people who is like you. You are utterly unique. If you can make your Art more and more like you, then it becomes possible to leverage that difference – that only you were born with – into making Art that is seductively different. It will, if it is truly what you love to make, be startlingly different than what already exists, just like you. And when someone comes along looking to buy Art, looking for something that leaves them feeling a little bit more alive, they usually will choose what is new and has that spark of difference.

The good news, bad news, in my opinion, is that there really is only one worthwhile path in front of you. Do the fabulous work in this life to find out who and what kind of art brings you alive, share it with others and enjoy the inevitable success that comes with making something that brings you and then others alive.

The added bonus, with this line of thinking is that you no longer need to feel competitive. All that goes away when you realize that any work that is going to rise up and be extraordinary like yours can only be so because it is remarkably different than everyone else’s. Including yours.

There is only one you, one life and one chance to make your work. If you are curious enough, if you desire to look within, it is already there.

It is a kind of Art that is entirely your own, and remarkably, holds the potential to make us all feel a little bit more alive.

I would also like to announce that the winner of last week’s original gouache “Pink Eraser” painting is…Carly Hardy! Please email my assistant Ferris your address so that we may send along the Art. Congratulations and thanks for sharing on this blog.

For the rest who were hoping to win, don’t worry! Those who comment below and are signed up for my newsletter will have a chance to win the original “Key” gouache painting! The winner will be randomly chosen and announced in next week’s blog post.

In gratitude, Nicholas

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