October 7, 2018

The Loud and the Quiet Conversation

Hi Everyone,

If there is one word I could use
to describe the most important idea behind
what I teach, that word would be differences.

Now of course, everyone knows what that word
means, but in the context of how I teach, the
best way to demonstrate just how crucial
differences are to creating powerful, authentic
work is something I call the Loud and Quiet Conversation.

Watch the video and see what I mean

If you can understand just this one concept
and nothing else, then you will be well on your
way to making outstanding work!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
How do you bring differences into your work?
I would love to read your thoughts on this subject.

In gratitude, Nicholas

PS You can check out the recording of my talk from last week
on value by going to the Art2life Facebook Page here.
Once on the page, just click “Videos” from the sidebar on the
left and you’ll see a list of all the available recordings. You can also
download the PDF from that talk by clicking here.

PSS On Monday, October 8th at 12pm PDT (that’s West Coast time)
I’ll be hosting a live webinar in the Art2life Facebook Group. To watch
the webinar, all you have to do is join the group, which you can
do by clicking here. Once you ask to join, one of my
team members will bring you in!

Nicholas Wilton

Hi! I’m
Nicholas Wilton
the founder of Art2Life.

With over 20 years experience as a working artist and educator, I’ve developed a systematic approach that brings authenticity, spontaneity and joy back into the creative process.

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