December 9, 2018

Perspective After the Marathon

Hi everyone,

I’ve reached that special place in
time where my newest body of work is
all done and ready to be shipped off to
the gallery. The feeling of completion
is incredibly gratifying.

A key component of that feeling is getting
to see all of the work hanging side by side.
It gives me a chance to look at everything
as one unified, breathing organism.

To watch the video and see what I mean, just click the play button below!

When viewed as a whole, these paintings
also serve as a roadmap of sorts – they show
me how my visual aesthetic has developed, and
give me clues as to where I might be heading next.
It’s an exciting time, full of possibility.

You can see this work in its entirety at
Julie Nester Gallery in Park City, Utah, from
December 21st to January 22nd. The opening
reception is on Friday, December 28th, from 6 – 8pm.
I’ll be there, so if you’re in the area be certain
to stop by! i’d love to chat with you!

To learn more about the exhibition, just click here.

In gratitude, Nicholas

Nicholas Wilton

Hi! I’m
Nicholas Wilton
the founder of Art2Life.

With over 20 years experience as a working artist and educator, I’ve developed a systematic approach that brings authenticity, spontaneity and joy back into the creative process.

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