July 28, 2019

Less is More

My big studio table becomes cluttered with just about everything.
What ends up there by the end of the week is startling.
There are coffee cups, notes, unopened mail, magazines,
paint brushes, laptop cords, pens and palettes, and this week
even a single running shoe.

So I was clearing it up and as I did, I realized something.

I don’t think we actually make our best decisions first.
In art and especially life we often seem to land our best
decisions by changing previous ones.

A choice in our art, say a color, might only become
great by eliminating, changing the color it sits upon.
The beautiful symmetry of a tree might only be seen
by removing the tree in front of it.

The creation of Art, the delicious process of
making things is really about enhancing what
you love by eliminating all that you don’t.

Today, I will share a few key aspects of this
very important idea. Have a look here:

Remembering this can be a game changer for
how you make your art.

What can you take away to make your
art / life better?

I love this question.

It restores in me a hopeful feeling. The same one I get when
my studio table becomes mostly empty except for just the one
or two exciting things I am working on.

When I can see what I love clearly,
everything is better.

Let us know in the comments below how this idea
shows up in your art / life.


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