April 12, 2020

What is blue for you?

I almost became a marine biologist. It didn’t take too long to realize, however, that
the part of the marine world I loved was its appearance. It wasn’t so much about the science.
I just was absolutely mesmerized by the colors of the undersea world.

So I figured I could just stick to being an artist and stay in this world of color. And that’s what happened. Over the years, my art has become less about the colors of places or things but more about just the colors.

For me, color is subject enough. And that is what this video is about today.

Click on the video below to watch.

The colors in your art can serve as connection points for those who see it. What colors move us is fascinating. We all accept the fact that things are certain colors but when we
think about color itself, it requires a bit more thought.

It leads us into the world of abstraction and pure emotion. Some colors move us more than others. How exactly, does that deepening blue of twilight make us feel?

And how we see color changes over time. It is constantly evolving. Even the culture we reside within changes our perceptions of color. What colors signify or remind us of in one place, often is entirely different in another.

What color moves you and why? Let us know in the comments below.

The color of blue, now most recently imbued with the courageousness and self-sacrifice of our health care workers and first responders, is the theme for the next episode of the Kitchen Table Art Project.

So grab your colors, especially blue, and join us this Wednesday at 12 pm PDT. We will be talking, laughing and art-making.

See you all on Wednesday!

Stay creative.


PS Watch or get last weeks’ episode’s “KTAP Materials + Resources” PDF.

PSS Wednesday, during the show, I will be auctioning off the blue painting I will be making live to benefit the Covid relief efforts!

See you there!

Nicholas Wilton

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