May 17, 2020

This will change you and your art

Ever notice you become bored in your art and life if things stays the same for too long?

We feel alive when something different shows up. It happens when the sun shines after a week of overcast days. It can happen by adding a bright pink color to a drab grey painting,

In life and art, however, the edges, the place where one thing changes to the next is especially potent. Where that drab grey suddenly shifts to bright pink is a visually powerful spot. So is where the deep blue of a sky meets a sparkly sea.

It took me 8 days lost in the middle of the ocean to learn this. But you don’t have to. I can just show you now.

Click on the video below to watch.

You can more easily improve your art once you know that edges are where the visual potency resides.

Try paying attention to the transitions between different areas in your art.
Make them juicy. In other words, let the viewers (and you) feel enlivened by change.
Do you pay attention to the edges in your art?

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Hope you have a great Sunday!


Nicholas Wilton

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