May 10, 2020

Paintbrushes? Who needs them…

My recent work has been made without paint brushes. For me, it makes better art. Is this the case for you? Check out this week’s video to see why…

That is what today’s video is all about. Click on the video below to watch.

It has to do with control. I discovered the less control I have, the less like me the art becomes. And this is a good thing. Having me control everything, well, feels like I am controlling everything. And that makes my art predictable.

Instead, highlighting the difference between me, the artist, and the foreign, chance marks that occur because of the tools I use to make my art, brings a freshness to the art. It makes my art in a way bigger than me.
Does that make sense?

So my question for you is:
How do you make your art without paint brushes?

leave a comment below and let us know

This same question is also the theme for the next episode of the Kitchen Table Art Project.

So open that kitchen drawer, grab some tools you might not normally use and join us this Wednesday at 12 pm PDT. We will be talking, laughing and art-making.

See you all on Wednesday!


PS Watch or get last weeks’ episode’s “KTAP Materials + Resources” PDF

See you there!

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