June 21, 2020

The disruption continues…

Today we are diving a little deeper into “Disrupted Realism,” both the concept and the book. I am talking again (see last week’s vlog by clicking here) with John Seed, author of the new art book “Disrupted Realism.”

I think the idea of “interruption” resonates because currently all of our lives are being disrupted. The pandemic has changed everything.

I have been feeling, however, the incessant distractions well before Covid even arrived.

It seems you can’t get even 20 minutes by yourself without some notification or warning coming into your world.

And this, I believe, is having an effect on the kind of art we are making.

Join us for this fascinating conversation…

Click on the video below to check it out…

Artists are sensitive and as such, we usually feel and respond to shifts in our culture first. This is just what we do.

How are you responding to these new times in your art and life?

Please leave a comment for the rest of us below and let us know what you are thinking about on this subject.

And congratulations to @nanbrown55 – Nancy Brandt Brown! She will be getting a signed copy of “Disrupted Realism.”

If you want to order your own copy of “Disrupted Realism” just Click here

In continued disruption,

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