September 26, 2021

New Shapes at Your Fingertips

I’m often asked how I come up with all the shapes in my art. It turns out, shapes are found everywhere. So, by paying attention as you go through your day, you can discover shapes to bring into your art. Another way I find shapes is by working with ones I already love and changing them into various new ones. It’s a fun process I have been involved with for years.

Check out how this simple triangle evolves.

World of Laurie Shapiro
Out of this practice of modification and looking more closely, endless new shapes and ideas can evolve.

How do you develop shapes in your art?

Let us know in the comments and then try some new shapes in your art! Post what you make on Instagram and then tag me at @art2life_world for a chance to be featured in our Instagram Stories! Can’t wait to see!

I hope you have a great Sunday!


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Photo Credit: Ann Artz

Nicholas Wilton

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