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Becoming Alive #2

November 10, 2021


In this episode, I will share the single biggest realization, the most significant change agent that has occurred in my art and life. I stumbled upon this learning first out of desperation to help myself and my artmaking but soon realized that this idea was also helpful to others. It’s a simple idea, but for me, changed everything. I call it “differences.” It has become the foundational underpinning of my teaching and the spark that created Art2life. It turns out this approach can be learned and is a big part of what I have now taught to thousands of artists interested in finding their way towards their authentic, artistic expression.
And I can say this approach, unequivocally works.
It all circles around to developing the discernment and awareness to move towards what brings you alive in your art and life… So today, I will dive a little deeper into this essential, powerful approach hoping that this might move the needle in your art and life. Have a listen…


Listen if you are interested in…

  • My primary approach for helping artists improve their craft [2:00]
  • Staying connected to what makes you feel alive [5:00] 
  • Appreciating the differences [9:00] 
  • Why contrast is so important [14:40] 
  • When your art start to fall flat [20:00]
  • Closing thoughts [22:00] 

Feeling alive 

I remember a period in my life where I was struggling with discovering what really made feel alive. I wondered if there was a connection between the quality and vibrancy of my art and how I felt when making it. I tried everything, even writing down exactly what I ate on the day when things went “right,” I even tried following the exact same schedule but I quickly realized that it wasn’t what I ate or what materials I was using that contributed to making my strongest art.
At the heart of what I was after was a mysterious and vibrant energy that I could tap into – I had experienced it before and I wanted to find it again. The question that I had to ask myself and answer is this: What makes you come alive? Nested within this question are clues and a path towards all our best art. To hear more about exploring this question and it’s answer, join me today on this episode.

When things fall flat 

Let’s face it, we all come to the point where our art stalls a little. The colors that once inspired us no longer do. Procrastination seems more present in our day, making even getting to the studio challenging. What is your approach when these times come? Do you hunker down and wait for it to pass, or do you push through? This feeling of falling flat, especially after a time of robust creative expression is normal. After pouring out, you need time to fill back up. However, it is helpful to know a way out, a direct path to getting back into the flow of your own making again. What does that process look like? Well, part of the answer is understanding how to bring your creative energy back. Leveraging the concept of “differences” in your art and life can help you return to creating more joyfully, sustainably, and powerfully. And that, remarkably, is everything.

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