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Finding your way as you go #1  

November 10, 2021



I used to be concerned that I could rarely see where I wanted to go ahead of time. I would meticulously plan a trip or a art project only to discover halfway through that I actually didn’t have all the necessary information or even the desire to continue. All the planning and best intentions rarely were enough to arrive at a destination reliably.

At first, it was frustrating, but I realized this process isn’t necessarily a bad thing over time.  “Finding your way as you go” is an amazing, wonderous way to create, not just art but life too.

Please join me today as we take the first step towards more wonder, curiosity, and inspiration not just for our art but also for our life. This approach could change everything for you. It did me.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • How I was captured by a vision to go sailing [0:40] 
  • Locating your “Center” [4:00] 
  • Finding your way as you go [9:00] 
  • Digging deep [14:00] 

It starts with a dream

Ever since I was a child I had this dream of sailing around the world, but it wasn’t until decades later that I actually found myself on a sailboat getting ready to embark on a journey. That dream bugged me so much that I eventually decided to do something about it. I was no longer content to have my dream stay in my head, I wanted it out and I wanted to see if it was worth holding on to. Moving a dream into even partial reality takes time and determination. It is way easier to let them stay just as dreams. However, taking a dream and moving it towards reality can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of one’s life. Do you have a dream that is bugging you?

Finding your way 

As I embarked on that journey in the sailboat all those years ago, I wondered what I’d learn along the way. Was this dream meant to stay a dream? Would I get seasick and become miserable? Would we hit bad weather and find ourselves at the mercy of the sea? Was doing what I imagined for so many years a good thing?

Even though I was unsure of so much we went anyway. What was most surprising was how, once all sight of land dropped away and we were simply surrounded by sea and sky in all directions, was how clearer and stronger I could feel myself. It was a revelation to me that by striping everything away, I gained so much clarity on what remained. And that was me. It was surprising to be in such a foreign place, not having control or a clear sense of where I was going but even so, still oddly feel more centered and at home than I ever had before. That experience taught me about the importance of knowing and trusting your own center. It is different for everyone but this inner guidance system, some call it intuition or Soul, is waiting just beneath the surface of things to be called in.
The ability to find your way as you go can be learned, improved upon and used to navigate towards your best life, but also, and especially so, your best Art.

And that is what this podcast is all about. Finding your way as you go. I hope you can join me each week as we find inspiration and guidance towards the most amazing creative journey of our life and art that awaits each of us. Let’s go.

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