January 30, 2022

Your Art is an Invitation

The art we make is like an invitation, first for ourselves and then for others. Like an actual invitation to a place or event, our art encourages those interested to come into our created world. So, it’s crucial to understand how others experience that first glimpse, that invitation of our art, so we can increase the numbers who might show up. But, what makes a great invitation?

Listen to this.

Here is a clue. More people will say yes to your invitation if it depicts a place they haven’t been to before. In other words, your art invitation needs to be different, and if it is, they will come. The simplest way to keep your art fresh and different is to remember to make it personal. After all, you are already unique. It’s so simple. People will always say yes to new experiences in art and life.

How might you improve your invitation to make it irresistible? Let me know in the comments.

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Have a great day in the studio!


PS This Wednesday’s podcast features an artist from Vienna whose wild and powerful work totally invited me in. She’s brilliant. Join me Wednesday to find out who! Subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast.

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