May 15, 2022

Is your Art true for you?

When looking back at old work, I’m always surprised at how I can remember what I was thinking about when making the art. My thoughts ranged from the gallery I wanted at the time, to the artists I compared myself to and the collectors I hoped to attract. So it’s no surprise that these distracting thoughts took me further from me — which didn’t help my art. It got me thinking.

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Thinking about the right things will improve your work so much. And the right ones have a lot to do with yourself. Sometimes a good question or two can help. Is this art true for me? Can it be more like me? Considering these kinds of questions will result in more potent and personal work. The side benefit to more personally derived art is that it often is more universally received. It turns out that being more truthful draws more people into your art.

In this week’s Art2Life Podcast, I discuss this idea of truthfulness with Art2Life Team member, Kerry Schroeder. In pursuit of truth, Kerry continually checks her work against herself. It’s a powerful approach that I think you will find incredibly helpful for your art practice. So I hope you can join me on Wednesday for this latest episode.

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I hope you have a good day in the studio.


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Photo: Amine M’Siouri

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