January 15, 2023

Check out this new tool for working bigger!

When you find a cool new tool, you tend to want to keep it to yourself. Well, I have a new one that’s so cool, I have to share! It’s not something you’ll find at your hardware store. Some of the best tools come from surprising sources.

Check this out…

I love how this glides through the paint like a regular squeegee but then leaves this yummy pattern in the paint. What’s cool is that this comes with serrations of varying sizes. If you work large like I do, having these jumbo sized tools can help you create great surfaces and patterns. Give it a try!

Do you use special tools when working large? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Here’s a link to the tool I used in today’s vlog: https://www.brushman.com/item/fs18se-1%2F4/squeegees-floor/

I’m so excited about this week’s podcast with artist Alex Kanevsky, who I’ve admired for a long time. In design and value, his work is strong and touches everything from figurative to abstract, looseness to precision. I asked him what’s hard in art making and, spoiler alert, he said honesty and freedom. So simple and spot on! That’s just a taste of the wisdom he shares and expands on in our wonderful conversation. Join us this Wednesday for our next episode! Click here to subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast and catch up on past episodes, too!

Thanks so much for being here and Happy Sunday!


PS: I hope you’re enjoying seeing more of the Art2Life Team in these vlogs. This team has a wealth of knowledge and creativity and so many great things to share with you!

PPS: If you’re taking a deeper dive into color or stuck on color, click here to find our helpful Color Tips PDF.

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