April 30, 2023

The three stages of art-making

I love this Sunday Vlog because it’s a casual place for me to talk about ideas that come up when making my art. So if you’re new to the Art2Life Vlog, welcome! I encourage you to leave a comment so we can keep the conversation going.

Today I’m looking at three paintings in progress that perfectly illustrate three common challenges in art-making. You may recognize them, too.

Take a look…

These stages are part of the dance in art-making. When you’re too careful, you need to let go. Getting too wild? Time to find balance. Understanding art-making in terms of common stages can help you get unstuck. Remind yourself what stage you’re in and ask, is it good but boring? Is it time to take a risk or refine? This keeps the work moving forward. It certainly does for me!

Can you relate to these three stages? Let me know in the comments.

On this week’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, I’m joined by psychotherapist, Rick Scott. Rick has taught me a great deal about creativity and authenticity. He breaks down the challenges and risks of becoming your authentic self in art and life. Join me for this engaging conversation! Click here to subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast and catch up on past episodes, too!

Have a great Sunday!

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