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Late Nite Art – Adam Rosendahl – Ep 84

May 31, 2023


Meet Adam Rosendahl. He’s the founder of Late Nite Art where he facilitates art experiences by bringing people together from all walks of life. Adam works with teams, organizations, and conferences around the globe to connect people more with themselves and their community through art and music. Join us for a fascinating conversation as we look at Adam’s art journey, the incredible work he’s doing at Late Nite Art, and how he gets his participants to throw away critical mindsets and embrace creative freedom. 

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Unpacking Adam’s art journey  [2:04]
  • How Adam uses creativity and facilitation to break the relational ice [7:58]
  • Understanding Adam’s process and how he gets participants out of their heads and into their art [17:24]
  • Taking a deep dive into Adam’s art practice [29:33]
  • Exploring the musical side of Late Nite Art [37:34]
  • Bringing Late Nite Art online and the road ahead [43:30]

A solid foundation

So many of the challenges we face on the art-making journey have to do with the narratives and programming handed to us in childhood. Rick Scott and I just did an episode about how our family download impacts our authenticity. But it was so encouraging to hear that Adam Rosendahl got such a solid creative foundation from the Power of Hope Camp in Whidbey Island, Washington. At 13 years old, he was able to try numerous art forms through short workshops taught by artists in their area of expertise. It wasn’t about getting good at these art forms, but building self-confidence, finding clarity of voice, and individual vision and purpose. These experiences cracked Adam’s heart wide open and became a major driving force behind everything he does at Late Nite Art.

Breaking down collaborative barriers

After graduating college, Adam began working for a nonprofit teaching art to high school students who had been expelled from public school. He recognized in his students the same paralyzing fear we all struggle with of breaking the blank page. Starting can be so hard because it immediately triggers all the limiting beliefs around creativity and being enough. It was this revelation that compelled him to create an irresistible environment that gets people into a creative and collaborative headspace. Thus, Late Nite Art was born! 

Using multiple 10-30 minute prompts, Adam facilitates a 90-minute workshop where participants collaborate with the person across from them to create something. When the prompt time frame ends, participants share their work, and move one chair to the right to start a new prompt with a new partner. By the end of the experience, everyone has built off each other’s ideas to create something totally unique. Adam says this process is critical in helping people let go of ownership and work together.

Get out of your head and into your art

There is something about the energy of a group that changes people’s orientation toward art-making. Group dynamics are a great way to get out of your head and into your art. This is a huge part of what Adam does at his Late Nite Art workshops! The first exercise is always what Adam calls a visual conversation. This is where participants sit across from each other and take turns making marks with watercolors in silence. The room is silent though, as music blasts to create immersion for the activity. After three minutes, people feel calmer. They feel more at ease. They feel connected. All kinds of emotional shifts take place in a short period of time to help people drop into the spirit of creation and collaboration. Listen to this episode for more on Adam and Late Nite Art! 

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