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Art Adventure Stories – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 89

July 5, 2023


There are a bunch of Art2Life workshops on the horizon, and all of the excitement has me reminiscing about how much of an adventure they can be. So I thought it would be fun to share some of those experiences with you on this episode! Get ready for some wild stories you’ll have to hear to believe while unpacking the benefits of curiosity, travel, and community for your art practice.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • The creative energy of travel and community [2:33]
  • Laughing yoga and the time Nick almost got beat up [8:26]
  • Crazy critters and illegal fireworks [15:05]

Oh the places you’ll go

When I started teaching workshops, it was really an excuse to get out of my studio and back into community with other artists. I was going crazy alone in my studio because I realized so much of what I loved about art-making were the communal aspects and how much that can add to the process. This is why so much of what I do in Art2Life workshops is about doubling down on each participant’s unique identity and perspective to create a rich experience for everyone in the group. 

I’ve also been delighted to experience how much travel and curiosity have impacted my art practice. Traveling expands what you think is possible for your own life. The bigger our world gets, the more connected to the human experience we become. We don’t just evolve as artists. We become more well-rounded people as a result. However, it absolutely brings a freshness to your come from that drives authentic and universal work. I have more stories than I can count about how Art2Life workshops have changed my life, but you’ll have to listen to this episode to get a taste. For more info on our workshops, visit the links below!

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