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Can You Trust What Is Emerging? – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 91

July 19, 2023


Right now, I believe artists globally are in a time of emergence. We are experiencing a kind of restlessness with how things were, and the desire for change has become inescapable. But dealing with all of the uncertainty around change as we figure out the new thing happening in our respective art practices can be such a daunting challenge. Join me for a deep dive into self-trust as I answer questions from artists trying to create better, stronger, and more interesting work. 

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Focusing on the journey ahead [1:22]
  • Finding motivation when there isn’t any [8:48]
  • Reworking old canvases [15:13]
  • Using intuition and intellect in your work [19:46]
  • Can you sell your art directly AND through a gallery? [25:19]
  • Balancing objectivity and intuition [33:45]
  • The power of owning your journey [43:15]

Raise the bar on your art practice

Have you ever felt a total lack of motivation in your art studio? Maybe you get everything set up, only to find that actually putting marks on your canvas feels like an impossible task. If all you’re doing is pushing art supplies around until it’s time to clean up, chances are you’ve hit a wall. This is a wake-up call to approach your art practice differently! Look at art-making as your respite from a weary world. It’s fuel that gives you the resources and momentum to do everything else in your life. We have to raise the bar on our art practice by making it the best part of our day. Because it’s a practice, this process can take time. But the more we reframe what we do in our studio to be about creativity and expression instead of perfection and productivity, the easier it becomes.

Crayons on a canvas

My biggest advice for someone struggling with motivation in their art-making is to just start. It doesn’t matter what you make at all. Your soul and who you are at your core will take care of all that. You don’t need to worry about the work making sense because you’ll get clarity later. All you need to do is get in motion. You could literally take crayons to your canvas and go to town for 10 minutes. If you did that every day for a week, I promise you’ll be miles away from sitting in your studio, staring at a blank canvas as it scowls back. Just play! Make one mark, and then respond to it with the next. That’s the simplest form of art-making and the doorway to everything else.

Create productive art business relationships

Should you sell your work directly if you already have gallery representation? It’s a great question with a multi-faceted answer. Some galleries will flat-out tell you not to sell your work anywhere but on their walls. And that’s understandable from the gallery’s perspective because they don’t get compensated for work they don’t sell. But as an artist, that working relationship may not work for you. I LOVE the galleries I get to partner with, but I also sell my work directly. It’s all about the relationships you cultivate and if those relationships have bought into your vision for your work. If you’re someone who likes to use social media to show the world what you’re working on, you want to work with a gallery that understands no one can promote your work like you can. Bottom line: You have to create a dynamic that benefits all parties and serves your mutual goals.

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