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Diving Deeper Into You – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 106

November 1, 2023


Do you have hang-ups around sharing your artwork? Where can we find the confidence to put ourselves out there? These are exactly the kind of questions we’re digging into with our Art2Life workshop participants here in Morocco. And for this episode, I’m hanging poolside with a few of our fantastic artists to answer questions about sharing our work, promoting ourselves authentically, freeing our minds from limits, and embracing our individual artistic journeys. You don’t want to miss it!

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Promoting your work and getting it out into the world  [2:13]
  • Sharing your work during the process [8:37]
  • Reconciling the audience’s interpretation of your work with your own [11:24]
  • Freeing your mind from design limits [14:54]
  • Helping others embrace our creative journey [18:03]
  • Authenticity, vulnerability, and strategies for posting viral content [22:22]
  • Persevering through the fear of sharing your work [27:34]

It’s all about connection

Promoting your artwork can be a daunting task, especially for artists who fear coming across as overly self-centered or salesy. Indeed, the essence of art often feels at odds with the idea of pushing it onto others. However, there’s an alternative perspective that can make this process feel more authentic and meaningful. Rather than seeing self-promotion as a selfish act, think of it as a way to share your journey and inspire others. When people witness your passion and dedication, it can be genuinely helpful to them. 

Your art serves a purpose beyond personal gain. It connects with different people in unique ways. It’s about sharing your experiences, your struggles, and your breakthroughs. It’s about saying, “I’m excited about this, and I wanted to share it with you”. Your authenticity and enthusiasm are what draw people in, not sales tactics or pretense. Instead of feeling like a used car salesman, think of it as sharing your genuine passion with the world. When you do that, you’re not bragging. You’re connecting. And that’s what truly resonates with others.

The art of design

As artists, we often find ourselves grappling with the desire for our creations to resemble reality while seeking to unleash our imagination. The challenge lies not just in achieving a lifelike representation but also in creating an exciting composition. The magic happens when we embrace abstract thinking and consider the interplay of sizes and shapes. Think of a barn next to a tiny dog or a towering palm tree juxtaposed with its delicate leaves. Design thrives on variety and contrast. Realism may be the goal, but realism alone doesn’t guarantee an engaging piece. Whether you’re an artist, a songwriter, or a writer, remember that it’s the abstract thinking and the harmonious interplay of contrasts that breathe life into your work. The art of design is what sets the stage for your imagination to shine.  

Write your own story

There are so many voices trying to influence an artist’s creative path. From followers to galleries, the onslaught is endless. But art-making is not about conforming to the expectations of others; it’s about shaping your artistic journey on your terms. Each style of painting has its own distinct quality, be it realism, abstraction, or even sculpture. It’s not about sticking to one thing for the sake of consistency, but about embracing the full spectrum of your creative self. 

The collectors will appreciate what you create, but they will follow your lead. Your website is your universe. Your hub for expressing your multifaceted talents regardless of medium. And galleries may temporarily showcase a style of your work, but what truly matters in your art is what excites you. You own the universe of you. You get to decide the story you’re writing. So keep following what lights you up inside and go with the flow of whatever you feel inspired to create.

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