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The Art of Believing – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 107

November 8, 2023


Where are you going next? If you could believe in any outcome for your life and art, what would it be? I’m coming to you directly from Mallorca, Spain where another Art2Life Destination Workshop is underway. These questions are just a taste of the conversations we’re having in this workshop, but they are crucial for getting clarity around what is possible for your art practice. Join me as we look at how vision, authenticity, and energy shape our creative path and help unlock our potential.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • The challenge of belief [2:14]
  • The anatomy of belief and the power of vision [7:09]
  • Using authenticity to unleash your creativity [13:44]
  • The vital connection between energy and art [20:29]
  • Why belief changes everything [32:31]

Let your vision be your guide

Vision as an artist isn’t just a far-off goal but a map that guides us through the creative maze. It’s a deeply personal compass that helps us navigate the noise of distractions and possible rejection. The first piece of this is owning that vision for yourself. Sometimes that means growing through tough times, but the change adversity often sparks gives us a priceless foundation to build our vision on. 

The second piece of vision is community, which is why I am so passionate about all we do at Art2Life. Being around fellow artists provides solace, normalcy, and strength as we carve out our individual paths. The artist’s journey isn’t just about making things; it’s about learning about ourselves. When we embrace challenges, seek out community, and find beauty in the unknown, we usually find a vision that will sustain us through all the ups and downs life and art have to offer.

Evolving through authenticity

As artists, authenticity is not something we need to seek. It’s intrinsic. It’s who we are at our core. It’s the foundation of our artistic expression. Understanding this can be so liberating because you realize that the art you create is essentially a series of choices. It’s a reflection of what resonates with you, what brings you to life, what colors you embrace, and which you discard. It’s all about honing your discernment and sharpening your ability to make these decisions, much like a skilled chess player perfecting their moves. 

With each completed work, we grow not just in skill but in understanding ourselves. The more we fine-tune our choices, the more our art becomes a nuanced reflection of who we are. It’s not just about mastering the craft; it’s about becoming deeply aligned with ourselves through our creations. That’s one of the best things about being an artist—constantly evolving to become the best versions of ourselves.

Ignite the fire within

Energy is the heartbeat of our creativity. It’s the inexplicable source that makes us feel alive and fuels our art. Which is why it is such a key part of the Creative Visionary Program. Together, we learn to recognize what truly lights us up inside because THAT is the cornerstone of creating powerful art that connects with the soul. The technicalities of art can be learned through various platforms, but the magic lies in harnessing that life force. It’s not just about finding inspiration in workshops or new experiences but curating a life that optimizes our energy. 

Whether it’s a simple change in routine or diving into what ignites passion, doing what you love feeds your creativity. It unlocks boundless possibilities within your work. Energy is the gateway to crafting art that’s not just a creation but an artifact of your truest and best self. And it all starts with small, deliberate decisions to move closer to what truly ignites that fire within. Listen to this episode for more on the art of believing!

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