November 5, 2023

Watch how I make a killer brown…

Welcome back to the Art2Life vlog. After teaching workshops abroad, I am back in the states coming to you from Southern California where I was just running in the dark before sunrise because I saw others doing it! It’s so motivating being around people who do the same activities as you, be it running or making art. I’m still fired up from the recent workshops and the deep connections I made with other artists. One surprising question came up about how to make brown. Sometimes a good brown can be hard to mix, so I thought I would share how I do it.

Watch here…

It’s so surprising to think how many colors go in to make one rich color! And there are so many combinations that can work. 

What’s your recipe for a killer brown? Leave it in the comments.

On this weeks’ episode of the Art2Life Podcast, I’m talking about holding belief in yourself. The belief to keep you on your journey of discovery and becoming your best self. I’ll share about three key components needed to holding belief — vision, authenticity, and energy. All three are so vital to maintain belief and creativity. I hope you’ll join me for our next episode coming this Wednesday.

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Hope you make some art today!


PS: Want more tips on color? Click here to download our Free Color Tips PDF. It’s loaded with ideas!

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