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Three Big Workshop Takeaways – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 108

November 15, 2023


After wrapping up two phenomenal Art2Life Destination Workshops, it’s time to dive into my three big takeaways from these creative encounters. Specifically, we’re going to look at the three biggest challenges that came up for our participants. Join me as I share my thoughts around letting go and embracing differences, improving your proportions to improve your work, and breaking out of the need to be practical in your art practice.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Learning to let go and embrace differences [2:54]
  • The power of proportions [13:30]
  • Breaking out of practicality [21:22]

Learning to let go

Art-making is about learning to let go as much as finding what to embrace. This is why differences are pivotal in infusing life and vigor into our work. It’s about the unfamiliar, the unexplored—those elements that inject excitement and vitality into our creations. Just as life calls for varied experiences, art needs contrasts to find its true depth. So many of us tend to clutch onto familiar techniques or themes long after they’ve served their purpose. This reluctance to let go not only stifles our growth as artists but also dilutes the very essence of what we’re trying to express. It’s not about abandoning entirely but reducing creative clutter to make space for what truly matters in our art and lives.

Creating contrast through proportions

Understanding proportions in your artwork can totally level-up your creations. It’s not just about sizes and shapes; it’s about how different things relate to each other. Starting out, you might try to make things even—like having three of something the same size. It looks neat, but it can also be a bit boring. But when you mix it up, like having one really big thing, another small, and one in between, that’s when the magic happens because you’re introducing contrast. 

Just know that you won’t get it perfect on the first go. It’s like a messy first draft that helps you figure things out. Adjusting proportions is tough, but it’s crucial for making your art stand out. It’s not about just fixing one part at a time; it’s about looking at the whole picture. And it’s worth it! Because when you improve your proportions, your art gets better too.

Impractically painting

One of the biggest obstacles to an artist’s practice is the idea of practicality. People often tell us that being an artist isn’t practical or realistic. And that sentiment can creep into everything we do if we’re not careful. Even in small things like not using a lot of paint because we think it’s wasteful. But art isn’t about being practical. It’s about being different, following your passions, and making something that’s not like what everyone else is doing. It’s where being a little unrealistic or impractical is actually a good thing. Artists are not like everyone else. We’re different. We break the rules. So let’s take small steps to break away from this idea that everything needs to be practical. Let’s use more paint, think outside the box, and slowly let go of these limitations that hold us back from achieving our potential.

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