November 19, 2023

A simple tip for pricing your work!

Welcome back to the Sunday Vlog! I recently had some collectors in my studio. I showed them available work, and they asked about prices as expected. This topic used to be stressful for me, but not anymore.

And here’s why…

This list removes the vulnerable emotions around selling something so personal. The prices are based on size, they are set, and there’s no negotiation. Having a printout on my wall that I can quickly refer to takes the pressure off! This has helped me so much.

What do you do to make pricing easy? Let us know in the comments.

In this Wednesday’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, I discuss vulnerability and why it’s a valuable ingredient in art-making. We often want to avoid such feelings, but there’s so much growth to gain in feeling our way through. I share a few impactful stories that I’ll never forget, and one is about a life-drawing class in my art school days. I hope you’ll join me! Click here to listen to and subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast. All past episodes are there too! And don’t forget that you can also watch the podcast on our YouTube Channel.

Hope you have an artful week!


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