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How to Go Big – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 116

January 10, 2024


Are you looking to take your art to the next level in 2024? Do you know the steps needed to make that happen? On this episode, I’ll unpack the three biggest obstacles to going big with your art. Join me as we examine why confidence is the key to scaling up, the problem with thinking too small, and the importance of knowing why we make art in the first place.

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  • Why confidence is the key to scaling up [2:13]
  • How to stop thinking too small [11:18]
  • Finding your why and engaging your purpose [18:59]

Confidence, joy, and the art of scaling up

The most important aspect of going big with your art is confidence. Confidence, or the lack thereof, acts as a substantial obstacle when aiming for larger artistic success. It’s similar to speeding in a car that needs a tune-up—small issues get a lot bigger when you push the limits. Scaling up in art or life amplifies any underlying problems and derails progress. Finding excitement in fleeting victories isn’t enough. We have to make sure our art-making is a consistent source of joy. 

Self-satisfaction matters more than external validation. I’ve learned firsthand how a lack of confidence stalls progress. Making work I didn’t like hindered my journey and kept me from taking my art and myself to the next level. Iteration is the key; small steps, learning, and enjoying the process lead to growth. Rushing into larger endeavors without mastering the small steps leads to chaos. It’s about balancing pace and enjoyment. When we relish the journey, learn from each creation, and focus on the joy, our art and life improve exponentially!

Think BIG

One of the fascinating hurdles in artistic growth is thinking too small. Before any action, it’s the thinking that shapes our path. When our vision remains limited, striving for larger artistic endeavors is met with roadblocks. The key lies in preparation, not in the physical act but in our mindset. Preparing our thoughts on a grand scale is crucial before any work begins. Confidence doesn’t just stem from creating a large-scale masterpiece; it emerges from expansive thinking that transforms our art. 

By daring to dream beyond conventional boundaries, we uncover the shortcomings in our perspective. This approach not only sheds light on the gaps in our thinking but also illuminates the clear path forward. It’s a free invitation to pause and ponder: “What would my life need to look like for my artistic dreams to become reality?” These reflections reveal the necessary steps for actualization, steering us away from less-important pursuits. So, here’s the lesson: before investing physically, invest in expansive thinking—it’s the gateway to realizing your best self without any initial costs.

Know your WHY

Before you can go bigger with your art, you have to understand why you’re making it in the first place. Knowing your WHY creates an immensely powerful clarity of purpose that bleeds into everything you create. And it’s that very purpose that will draw others in who want to share in it as well. Our WHY is what guides us through a storm of setbacks and doubt. When things get tough on the artistic journey, purpose is like a beacon helping us find the shore again. I know I become a wreck without it.

If this fundamental question—why are you making art?—lacks a definitive answer or even dwells in the realms of uncertainty, scaling up can compound the confusion. Small-scale uncertainties become larger challenges when we go big and push our artistic limits. Reflect on your past creations to gain clarity on your WHY. Those precious breadcrumbs narrate your story and highlight the aspects you genuinely cherish about your work. Engage with your art in a way that seeks understanding, not just in its physical form but in the essence it carries. By comprehending your WHY, you begin to understand yourself and cultivate your authenticity.

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