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How to Drop Back Into Your Art – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 117

January 17, 2024


As artists return to their studios after a winter holiday hiatus, many of us are experiencing the familiar struggle to drop back into our art after a break. Taking even the smallest pause can sometimes make us feel like a stranger in our studio. Join me as I tackle the three biggest challenges to reconnecting with your work after a break and how to overcome them to get the creative fires stoked again.

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  • Three reasons we feel disconnection after coming back to our art [1:22]
  • Overcoming the disconnect and dropping back into our art [10:13]

Encountering uncertainty

When I step back into my studio after a break, three distinct challenges keep me from returning to my creative flow. Understanding these challenges is critical to overcoming them and getting your groove back in the studio. The first hurdle is the uncertainty that lingers in the air. Taking time off means disconnecting completely, a period where thoughts of art may vanish. It’s comfortable to not create, but returning means entering terrain unknown. 

There’s a discomfort in not being entirely sure about the outcome of your work. This uncertainty holds resistance, especially when art isn’t a daily practice. The rhythm of constant creation makes stopping feel good, but it also means not facing the challenge of pushing creativity further. Rebuilding that muscle takes time, so be patient and get comfortable with discomfort.

Rebuilding confidence

The second challenge arises from the swift decline in self-confidence when art takes a backseat, even for a short while. Confidence diminishes rapidly when there’s no recent evidence of your work. However, the key lies in a simple yet powerful solution: just doing something. Engage in the act of creation! Even if it’s unrelated to ongoing projects, a little creative exercise goes a long way in getting the juices flowing again. Just 20 minutes of artistic playtime refills the creative tank, providing the momentum, confidence, and fresh ideas needed to restart the artistic journey.

Avoiding comparison

The final obstacle is the temptation to compare yourself to others during these breaks. Stepping away allows time to observe the incredible works of fellow artists in galleries or scroll through social media feeds filled with inspiring creations. Yet, it’s a dangerous path that can lead to a spiral of feeling inadequate compared to others’ success. The challenge with returning is to focus on your own artistic fire and not let external comparisons derail your progress. Taking breaks is essential, but the struggle lies in not letting the hiatus extend into a prolonged disconnection from your creative essence. Understanding the impact of these breaks on creativity is crucial to navigating the challenge of returning to artmaking. Listen to this episode to learn how to overcome these challenges and drop back into your art!

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