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The Art of Love, Optimism and Luck, with Austyn Taylor – Ep 123

February 28, 2024


Austyn has completed art residencies all over the world. She landed in a residency at the Mendocino Art Center right before Covid hit. Before Covid, the majority of her work was black and white and ornate. She’d sculpt solid and draw with an ebony pencil on the surface.

Her time in Mendocino allowed her to crystalize what she wanted her art to convey. She shifted toward bright dominant colors and hasn’t looked back. In this conversation, Austyn shares how her global experiences have helped her channel her art, what her creative process looks like, and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • How Covid transformed Austyn’s work [3:35]
  • Austyn’s creative process [9:29]
  • What’s influenced Austyn’s work [20:10]
  • What’s on the horizon for Austyn [24:40]

Austyn’s creative process

Austyn’s sculptures are molded from clay. She fires them at 2200 degrees, at which point they become ceramic. Austyn uses underglaze and avoids using an overglaze to keep her work a matte finish. She may also airbrush paint to match the underglaze to give her work its signature vibrant expression. Her bold color choices—typically primary blue, red, and yellow—express the message she wishes to convey. The simplicity does more.

The endless possibilities of sculpture

In the world of sculpture and ceramics, anything goes. Austyn describes her sculptures as characters, characters that she’s carried with her throughout her life. Austyn feels driven to express them. She feels that if she doesn’t create them, their world dies.

She strives to capture the essence of the sacredness of all things. Austyn believes that as an artist, you’re channeling a muse. Your job is to make things. If you’re not ready to write the story, it will pass you and someone else will take your place.

The more Austyn makes, the more she refines her processes and ideas. You get to find your way as you go. She can’t open a bag of clay without seeing a thousand possibilities.

What’s influenced Austyn’s work

One of the first international residences that Austyn completed was in Beijing, China at the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Art. She got to visit where porcelain was invented, which was a transformative experience. Last spring she spent time in Beirut, Lebanon.

She believes art holds a spiritual place in our lives. Every experience flows through her and influences her sculptures. The forms are universal. She wants to thread ancient works with contemporary art.

Austyn’s playful yet sophisticated work—paired with marketing on Instagram—has brought her success. She’s currently working with 23 galleries in 16 countries. Learn more about her unique sculptures in this episode.

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  • Austyn’s website: http://www.austyntaylor.com/
  • See Austyn’s sculptures on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/austynaustynaustyn/

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