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Becoming Alive in Art + Life – Caroline Millar – Ep 124

March 6, 2024


Caroline Millar was creatively blocked for a long time. She loved art as a child but had a terrible experience with an art teacher when she was 16. Because of it, she stopped painting for 25 years. She went through a difficult time where everything creative disappeared from her life.

Five years ago, Caroline joined our Creative Visionary Program. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. Caroline experienced a profound shift in her perspective and her life and work were transformed.

Caroline now helps other artists navigate their creative journeys, drawing on her own experiences to provide empathy, support, and guidance. Her approach is rooted in understanding and compassion, empowering artists to overcome self-doubt and embrace their unique artistic voices.

In this conversation, we cover her extraordinary journey back to her art. Let her story inspire you to dig deeper and reconnect with your creative self. Because art is transformative and endless possibilities come when we embrace our creativity.

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  • Join the Art of Your Life FREE Workshop [1:36]
  • Learn more about Caroline Millar [2:26]
  • Why Caroline went into hibernation [7:34]
  • Caroline’s experience with Art2Life [9:35]
  • How Caroline learned to say “yes” [13:44]
  • Caroline shares about her art [16:28]
  • How Caroline guides artists [20:56]
  • Caroline’s unique gift of empowering others [24:36]

Caroline’s journey back to her art

Caroline was busy coping with a difficult marriage, two children, and running a business. She had no space for anything else. She felt that the creative side of her had to be hidden away. So she stopped.

In 2018, Caroline got remarried. She created the invitations and decorations, which reignited something in her. In 2019, she decided to take art classes again. When she started sharing her drawings on Instagram, she came across me. She took one of my workshops and felt like it became her secret to success. She knew she had to join the Creative Visionary Program.

By the end, she had a set of paintings that were the creative expression of herself. She knew she was on the right path.

How Caroline learned to say “yes”

Caroline points out that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is built on the premise that we don’t have control over what happens to us but we do have control over the way we respond. It helped her learn how to think logically. Knowing how she’d respond helped her realize she could handle taking risks.

She learned how to reframe things and can find something positive in any situation. She knew she had the strength to cope with anything. She spent too many years not being her true self. When she shut her artist away, she lost her inner confidence. When she reconnected with that part of herself, she realized that it was okay to be imperfect.

How Caroline guides artists

When someone else can hold confidence for you until you have enough of your own, it’s powerful. Caroline finds coaching incredibly rewarding. She can empathize with what someone is experiencing because she’s been in their shoes. She knows what it feels like to not know what you’re doing.

Paintings are a stand-in for who we are and who we are becoming. When she works with someone who says “I don’t think my painting is good enough” she realizes what they’re really saying is “I’m not good enough.” Their work is a manifestation of how they feel about themselves. That’s why Caroline doesn’t believe we should insult our paintings.

You have to learn to see the beauty in your creation; it’s an expression. Caroline finds ways to let them know that they’re good enough while giving them permission to experience their feelings. It’s an intuitive process.

Listen to our whole conversation to learn more about Caroline’s art, her process, and how she’s helping others become alive, both in art and in life.

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  • The Creative Visionary Program is open for enrollment! Click here to learn more: www.artlifecvp.com

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