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The Magic of Belonging – Chérie Healey – Ep 125

March 13, 2024


“My calling is to help you answer yours.” – Chérie Healey

Chérie believes that we all have a calling that we have to answer in this life. If we simplify it down to its essence, we are supposed to be ourselves, with all of our flaws, traumas, and wounds. Her purpose is to help people step into being all the way themselves.

Chérie is an Executive Coach and Brand Strategist for women leaders. She’s guided great Leaders for over 25 years at Google, YouTube, Paramount, Nike, Apple, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and more.

Chérie has created and cultivated a community to encourage and strengthen, a safe place to build relationships and push each other toward purpose. In this conversation, Chérie shares how she helps women recapture themselves, guides them toward their purpose, and how the right community can transform your life.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Chérie’s purpose on this planet [5:18]
  • Helping people make their life a work of art [8:33]
  • Helping women recapture themselves [13:27]
  • Guiding people toward their intuition [26:07]
  • How the right community can transform your life [40:22]

How Chérie works with people

Chérie has always asked big questions like “Why are we here?” because she wants to make the most of this life. And Chérie wants to help others make their life a work of art.

She strives to help people celebrate life. It’s a precious gift that you should enjoy the hell out of no matter what you’re doing. Chérie believes that everyone can fulfill their purpose in any number of jobs.

We also believe that there’s an artist in everyone. Everyone has creativity coursing through their veins. When you recognize yourself as a creator, you realize that your whole point of being is to create and delight in it. We all want to be known, seen, felt and heard.

When you make something that you care about and you put it into the world, it has a ripple effect. It inspires other people. You’re sharing something of yourself and that’s powerful. Our art isn’t just ours, we’re doing this for the world, too. It may sound lofty but we believe it together.

Chérie notes that “You can only truly know yourself through the reflection of another.” She holds a mirror up to people and reminds them of who they are at their essence. And the greatest career strategy is to be used for your essence. You want to go out and have your joy reach the world’s hunger in a state of overflow.

How do you get your energy back? How do you reconnect with what brings you alive?

How Chérie helps women recapture their energy

Chérie always starts by asking, “What do you want?” She firmly believes that our soul knows what we want but the world makes us forget. We have too many distractions. Chérie’s job is to reconnect them to their heart and mind.

She helps people tap into their hunger to make an impact. When you can make it about the people you want to impact and uplift, it gets easier. The “how” will appear, better than you could ever imagine.

She’s built a community of possibility-seekers, so you can surround yourself with people who are also on a journey, and who can shine a light back on you.

Chérie believes that “Everyone has a gift to give. If not shared, it’s lost to the world forever.” We don’t want to die with our music still in us. We’re here to let the divine pour through our eyes in this lifetime.

Think about the last time someone walked into a room who was good with themselves. They are at peace in their skin. There is a level of joy that can be measured. That’s what we’re here to know in this lifetime. If you can walk into the room radiating that, it can change the world. Following your path shows others the way.

How the right community can transform your life

The strongest human drive is to be congruent with who we think we are. If you’re an artist, you make art. You move about the world as an artist. You go to the studio, you place yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with other artists. It brings you back to your sense of self.

Chérie believes that we’re on this planet at a wild time in human history. You’re here for a big reason. It’s time to say “I can go into the arena because I’m not alone.” You’re walking alongside others confronting their fears.

Many of the women Chérie works with own their own businesses or work at the C-level and still struggle with imposter syndrome. In safe places, you can bring these things to light and realize you’re not alone.

We’re wired for relationships. Our communities help reveal our true nature. Our fires started blazing together. We fan the fire for each other. We don’t judge each other. We want to experience all of our colors.

Your soul is your certainty. When you rest in community, it makes everything else possible.

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