July 7, 2024

Tell your art story…

I’m heading to the finish line with this body of work and here’s how I think about this part of the process. When a picture is working, it has a rich story. There’s something dominant that brings you in and other areas of detail, like chapters, that carry you through.

Take a look at these two paintings…

The one on the right is further along. The left one, with the big orange field, has drama on first impression but then falls flat. I need to fill out its story with subtlety, richness, and places to go so others will connect to it. Sharing our stories is how we connect to each other, so as abstract as this may sound, seeing your work as telling your story is helpful, especially when you compare different works in progress. One may stand out and reveal what needs to be done to the other. It’s an intuitive approach that works for me!

Does this resonate with you? Let me know in the comments.

My guest on this week’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, is a Bay Area artist and facilitator, Adam Rosendahl. Adam hosts creative events through his organization, Late Nite Art, and since I heard so much amazing feedback about his episode, we brought him back for another episode! This time we’ll be doing art together while we talk about how his work centers around getting people to connect with themselves and one another through art. He’s brilliant! Join us for a fun painting session and discussion this Wednesday. You can tune in on your favorite podcast streaming service, or grab some supplies and paint along with us while watching on our YouTube Channel.

Have a great week in your studio!


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