Uni-Posca Paint Markers



Mark in vivid color on practically any surface! The opaque, water-based ink in Uni Posca markers dries to a matte finish on both porous and non-porous surfaces. These bullet-tip paint markers are odorless, non-toxic, fadeproof, and bleedproof. Use them on paper, wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, glass, and more.

Available as a 15-Color Set or Individual Colors (limited stock on individual colors)

White #1 (available in 15-Color Set)
Grey #37
Bright Yellow (Light Orange) #3
Yellow #2
Red #15
Pink #13
Brown #21
Light Orange #54
Orange #4
Light Green #5
Green #6
Light Blue #8
Violet #12
Black (available in 15-Color Set)

Note: To active your paint markers, shake well, remove the cap, and press the tip gently against a hard surface a few times. Make a few marks (paint will be light), and replace the cap. Shake well, and rest the pen cap-side down for several minutes to allow the paint to saturate the tip.


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