The trick I do with color

how I create color

Today I am sharing how I create color when I start my paintings. From the beginning, I heavily harmonize them. Even though the painting is still very raw and unfinished, the harmonized color makes the work look cohesive. Check this out. This practice of creating beautiful colors keeps me excited in the early, and sometimes…

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These 3 hacks help me make art

I love simple hacks that can help make my art easier, quicker, and better. Today I want to share three with you that I’ve recently started doing in my art practice. Maybe they could help you too. Have a look here: In the end, it is about creating more time for yourself so you can…

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The best white in the world.

I am not even sure if white is one of the colors. Which is odd because it can look so great amongst them. That is, if you pay attention to a couple of key ideas. And that is what I am talking about this week. And not just talking, but demonstrating. Join me for a…

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