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How does self-love relate to your art?

Welcome back to the Art2Life Vlog! I’ve been hiking with my daughters in Colorado! This has given me a lot of time to think. There’s something that’s been on my…

Ritter Center House

I am now working on a project that will benefit The Ritter Center. This is an organization located in San Rafael, California that serves low income families and the homeless. Link: The Ritter Center – Marin Homeless Safety Net – Home There are about 20 artists all making unique houses….

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Kiwi Vine

In this painting I wanted to keep a very simple composition, but also to have a portion of the painting be detailed but quiet and subtle. Outside my living room window is a huge kiwi vine that I planted several years ago. The wind blows and the branches of this…

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Delivery Guys

One of the hard parts, for me anyway, about being an artist is all the time alone. I can get busy and not leave the house for several days. Things start to become weird after about a day and a half… sooner if I don’t change out of my pajamas…

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