November 3, 2019

Maybe you are not an artist?

Do you ever have the thought that maybe you can’t pull off making your art?
Or even worse, that you are not an artist after all?

I know I have.
I hear a lot about this challenge from other artists.

But you know what?
These limiting beliefs don’t have to occupy any space in your life.
They serve no purpose.
They certainly don’t help you make your art.

In today’s video I am going to share the 3 ideas that can help
eliminate the doubts that inevitably creep up on all of us
when pursuing our art.

I share 3 ideas that have helped me stay focused on making my art.
These can help keep the doubts at bay regarding your
creative potential, that naturally come up from time to time.

#1 You are original.

There are 7.7 Billion on Earth this year. You are completely different than all of them. Next year there will be 100 million more. Your originality actually is increasing every year. Your art, if it is truly a reflection of you, will reflect this originality.

#2 All art making is learned. Period

When we learn we generally go from worse to better. Doing things multiple times is how we progress. Never confuse the fact that you are simply learning with your creative capability. They are two different things. Learning, especially at the beginning, always looks messy.

#3 There is no such thing as talent

I have never met anyone that could not make original, strong art. All you need is desire, curiosity and to learn the basic art making information. Talent is not a magical gift given to some and not others. We all have the capacity to be extraordinarily creative. Talent, if there is such a thing, is given out in equal measure to all of us. Including you.

What are some of the limiting thoughts you have had?
How have you overcome them?

Let us know in the comments below. I have a feeling this is something we all have

Hope today is a great day for you.


PS Today is my youngest daughter Hannah’s birthday! Many of you might have met her at
one of my workshops….

Happy Birthday, Hannah!!!

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