May 3, 2020

Why does abstracting realism make it more real?

Making something 2D look 3D is almost like magic.

A flat painting that looks realistic and dimensional can take your breath away.
However, when I tried to make my paintings more realistic by controlling the paint and using smaller and smaller brushes, my art became less realistic. It ended up becoming kind of flat.

What was happening, and more importantly why? That is what today’s video is all about. Click on the video below to watch.

Here is what I learned: My art looked and felt more realistic when I let the materials be more themselves. Then there was a contrast between just the paint and paint that looked like something real. It had both, and as a result, the art, at least to my eye,
became stronger and more seductive.

It also made it feel more real. It is an odd thing when a painting of a place can actually feel more like the actual place. In part, this has to do with imbuing it with
your own feelings about the subject at hand. I believe the realism of the art is bolstered by our own emotions. In a way, it makes the picture bigger than its subject matter. Even in life.

What are your thoughts about this?

Does the abstraction of realism make it feel more real?
Let us know in the comments below.

This same question is also the theme for the next episode of the Kitchen Table Art Project.

So grab some art materials and something from life and join us this Wednesday at 12 pm PDT. We will be talking, laughing and art-making.

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