May 31, 2020

This will grow your Art

I think we are all slowing down. Many of us are getting a little more time to make art. But many are doing something else. They are planting gardens.

I know this is true for me. I was drawn to gardening because I was so sick of being inside. So I planted a couple vegetables to start. But then seeing those tiny plants change and grow just drew me in. This always happens when we start paying attention. It happens with gardening, but especially with art making. And that is what today’s video is about.

Click on the video below to check it out…

It is really quite simple. Paying attention creates better art. Making art that is enriched with your sensitivity, attention and the nuances of you, creates a kind of art that will connect to others.

So, slowing down and paying attention, might be just what it takes to nurture that personal part of your art.

Has this been happening to you too?

How has this season of slowing down affected your art?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

This same question is also the theme for the next episode of the Kitchen Table Art Project.

So join us in your garden this Wednesday at 12 pm PDT, and we will share what a few artists are growing.

Come prepared for a lively discussion, laughter and of course, making some art!

See you all on Wednesday!


PS: Watch or get past episode’s “KTAP Materials + Resources” PDF.

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