December 11, 2021

Does having less intentions make better art?

I recently hired a photographer to come to my studio to take pictures while painting. I decided to paint freely on a huge canvas, making big gestures without any plan or intention other than making a dynamic photo. I ended up letting go so much that day, even with the photographer in the background, and was surprised I ended up with a pretty strong painting! This result taught me something.

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Art making is the practice of feeling more into who we are. When we paint without intention and embrace the unknown, we show up more ourselves, and the work emerges more naturally and easily. 

How do you let go in your art practice? Let me know in the comments.

In this Wednesday’s Art2Life Podcast episode, I am conversing with highly respected New York artist, Gary Komarin, who thrives in an art practice that lacks almost all intentionality. I’m so honored not just to have a long conversation about all he does in his art and life, but also to be able to share it with you.

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