May 21, 2023

Working large, small, and everything in between!

What sizes of paintings do you like to make? I work large, small, and everything in between! I have several different sizes going on in the studio now.

Let me show you my favorites.

Some sizes I choose are based on what people will buy, such as “the above the couch” painting. Also, because I’m tall, I love working big to feel myself in the work. I love how it forces me to move around more. The 12” x 12” panels will always be my standard small painting, but there’s a new size I’m excited about — 18” x 18”! It’s a nice medium size that I’m having fun working with.

We are selling these in our Art2Life Online Store, with frames too! (Please note that we only ship within the US.)

What are your favorite sizes and why? I’d love to hear in the comments!

On this week’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, I’m talking about consistency in your practice. I’ll touch upon the obvious ways to gain consistency, plus offer some new ideas around optimizing your art space and process. I hope you’ll join me this Wednesday for our next episode.

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Have an awesome Sunday!


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