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100th Episode – Nicholas Wilton and James Higgins – Ep 100

September 20, 2023


I cannot believe the 100th Episode of the Art2Life podcast is finally here! When I started this thing a little over two years ago, I didn’t really know what it would be about. But as we’ve taken this journey together, the theme of finding your way as you go has become central to not only this show but Art2Life as a whole. So I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane with my good friend James Higgins. James is a yoga instructor and spiritual guide for many while also being an artist, visionary, and world traveler. Join us as we look back at the last 100 episodes with clips and conversations designed to inspire you along your personal art journey.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Embracing the struggle and going all in on your art practice [3:38]
  • Creating the space to figure yourself out [11:22]
  • Finding our way back from the shadow realm [16:05]
  • The correlation between freedom and self-expression [20:59]
  • Tackling comparison and knowing when to move on [28:26]
  • Becoming the best version of yourself [34:47]
  • The reciprocal nature of the art-making process [42:16]
  • Getting out of the messy middle [47:34]
  • Bringing it back to our childlike essence and developing a quality “come from” [50:32]
  • Announcing the contest winner [1:01:01]
  • Creating confidence and final thoughts [1:03:59]

All aboard the struggle bus

In 100 episodes, we’ve talked a lot about struggle and adversity. Specifically, how struggle is just an opportunity to know yourself more and go deeper with your work. Knowing that struggle is a key part of the art-making process helps us go all in with our practice because we don’t let it derail us. You’re not always going to struggle. In fact, the work we do at Art2Life is designed to bring ease and freedom to the process. But a big piece of that freedom is giving yourself permission to struggle and sift through the depths of your soul to find your most authentic self. If you commit to a methodical and consistent art practice, I promise you will start to see the results you’re after.

Be intentional with yourself

One of the common misconceptions about creativity is that breakthroughs just kind of happen. That we’re powerless to the process of inspiration, and we just have to keep grinding, patiently waiting for our moment. While I think patience is certainly key to any part of the art-making process, my conversation with Marjorie Thomas in Episode 13 shows that we can actually set ourselves up for breakthrough success. It’s not a lightning-in-a-bottle moment but a constant awareness of what lights us up inside. Cultivating a breakthrough means creating enough space from distractions to figure yourself out. We need intentional times of self-discovery! When we purposefully eliminate distractions, we create more balance for the things that are actually important to us. And those things are the breadcrumbs we must follow onto the canvas!

Do the damn thing

I think every artist, no matter where they find themselves on the creative journey, can relate to the Rob Szot clip featured in this episode. Art is everything good that has ever happened to me while simultaneously being the most difficult relationship in my life. It can build us up, just to tear us down, only to begin rebuilding again. Emotional regulation is such an important part of the becoming process art takes us on. We have to believe good things are going to happen. That even when the lows are low, all of the time and intentionality will eventually pay off. We just have to keep going and as James said, doing the damn thing. Listen to this episode for more artistic insights!

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