December 31, 2023

My final art tip of the year!

Welcome to the last Sunday Vlog of 2023! It’s been another amazing year of being with all of you in this amazing community and sharing what we’re learning. Of all the great tips I learned throughout the year, I’ve been thinking about the coolest…

Check this out.

This is a simple way to avoid the smudges of dry pastels and charcoal. The paper towels make the application of gloss medium easy too. Avoiding spray can fumes and fixatives is an added bonus! Give it a try when using chalk pastels or charcoal.

What’s your favorite tip of the year? Let us know in the comments. *And for extra fun, whoever submits the coolest tip will receive a set of our Viviva Color sheets! These sheets are perfect for on-the-go watercolor painting. The color they hold is incredibly vibrant! So, let’s hear your tip!

This week on the Art2Life Podcast, I will talk about the new year. Rather than talk about resolutions and doing more, I’ll be talking about being. No checklists here! The focus is on how to find balance, spaciousness, and a way to be in the new year. Join me this Wednesday! Listen in from wherever you stream podcasts or watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Thanks so much for being with me for another year and I hope you close out the year beautifully.Art2Life has amazing things to come in 2024, so let’s stay connected!

Happy New Year!


PS: If you want to see the vlog where I showed how to use the Viviva Colorsheets, click here. For those in the US, you can also purchase them from our online store.

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