January 7, 2024

Tools for scaling up your art

I’ve been working on larger paintings recently that call for different tools. As you scale up your canvas, you need to scale up your tools. Like the one I’ll show you today, my favorites aren’t usually found at an art store. This brush came from a hardware store.

Take a look.

I love how this brush holds so much paint and nicely covers my surface. The brush was easy to find but I’ve had to make some art tools myself too – like my giant T-square! Once you go bigger in your work, you might find yourself making your tools too.

What are your favorite tools when working larger? Let us know in the comments.

I’ll be talking more about working bigger and the steps it takes to get there on this week’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast. It starts with your thinking. To paint big, you need to think big. Join me this Wednesday for our next episode and I’ll share ideas on the mindset about scaling up. Listen in from wherever you stream podcasts or watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Have a great Sunday!


PS: Thank you to everyone who left a tip in the comments of last week’s Sunday Vlog! I loved reading them and learned so much! I’ve chosen Parinaz Bahadori as the winner of the Viviva Color Sheets! She said, “Before beginning a painting, I will write a word or phrase directly on the canvas– an intention or wish that I have – and then cover it up with the painting. It gets hidden beneath those layers and I only know about it. First of all, it ensures that I lay down many layers of paint, and I also feel like those words are guiding me.” Congratulations!

And click here for a link to the brush I mentioned today.

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