January 28, 2024


I’ve been thinking about what we need in daily life — our essential needs as artists. Some days, I feel happy, and other days, not so much. I’ve been charting the things that make an optimal day.

Here is how I break them down…

The 5th essential need is art. Art is a central need that connects to all other needs. Think about the creativity you bring to your art and apply it to even the most mundane parts of life — from shopping to bookkeeping. Because we are artists, we can leverage our creativity in all parts of our lives!

Does this resonate with you? Let me know in the comments.

This week on the Art2Life Podcast, I expand on this venn diagram of essential needs. I’ll be sharing an exercise to help you find one word that captures where your energy is and what brings you alive to carry with you through the whole year. Join me this Wednesday for our next episode. Listen in from wherever you stream podcasts. Don’t forget that you can also watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Have a great week!


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